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Which is better, Freelance web designer or designer employed by a company?

Freelance web designer Dubai

As you all know, now a day’s almost every transaction is happening through internet, and its scope is increasing day by day. Either you are person who already own a website or one who is not getting expected leads from your existing website and thinking to redesign your website, you have to face some situations which i’m going to discuss here.

After deciding to launch a website for your business purpose, the first thought comes to your mind is about ‘how to create a website’, most probably you won’t be a professional web designer to design your own website. The very next choice you can made is to hire a professional designer/developer who can help you out in this process, because you know that a functional design and appealing look are very important for your website that helps you to hold your visitors keep on checking your website and ultimately visitors will be converted in to customers.

If you are an individual or an organization who wants to create a functional website, it is better to hire a professional designer to do the job. But making a good decision about the web designing professional is somewhat a difficult process; you must keep in mind a lot of factors before making a decision. Your decision should be a cost-effective, time-saving and results-oriented one.

Freelance web designer Dubai

Let us assume that you have decided to hire a professional web designer to do the job.Next job is to choose between hiring a freelance designer or a designer employed by a professional company. In order to decide that let us compare the pros and cons of hiring a freelance designer and a company-employed designer. However, we must say that either choice will give the same results in terms of a professional-looking, user-friendly and traffic-getting website.

While speaking about the cost for the website, you must think twice before taking a decision especially if your company is in its infancy stage or if your company is struggling with financial problems as a result of recession. You must also think about the maintenance costs after the website is built, launched and for advertising it in the proper channels.

In terms of cost, a freelance designer can charge less amounts than a company for several reasons. The former do not have any concerns about overhead costs and all, but the latter must have to deal with operation expenses and other billable charges on each project they deal with. You can then save lot of money on the professional service fees with a freelance professional. This doesn’t mean that a design company is costing very high amount, it depends on many factors regarding your project.

Many factors affects the final results delivered by either a freelance web designer or a web design company. These factors include but not limited to the expertise of the web designer, the demands of the client, and the provided timeframe for the project to be completed.

So at the very end, if you want to create a website and your website to be more specific and functional, you can approach a professional web designer who will take full responsibility from start to end regardless of whether the webs designer working on it is retained by a company or works as a freelancer. In fact freelance Web designer has got more flexibility than a designer employed by a company.

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