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Top Web Designers Favorite Custom Fonts

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A web designer is granted with the ability to make font choices beyond Helvetica and Georgia, we should thank the @font-face rule for that and the various webfonts services we have been seeing as an explosion of custom webfonts in website designs. Nowadays we are blessed with a number of choices when it comes to web typography, but the queastion is which fonts and custom webfont services are the top web designers favorites? Let’s take a look the collection of some well crafted typographic designs and see which fonts and techniques are the most popular among top web designers.

Four Useful Design Tips

1. Consider Responsive Web Design

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Now a days most of the people are getting away from their desktop computers and going outside with their mobile phones. Here comes the relevance of Responsive web design,it is the effort of making a website display properly on any device. The main advantage of this is that responsive design does not need to be code-specific to every device. It intelligently changes the content based on the browser width.If it’s designed correctly, your user will no longer need to zoom in to for finding the content.

Effective Social media optimization practices

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Social media optimization (abbreviated as SMO) refers to the use of a number of social media communities to get public attention to increase the awareness of a product, brand or event. Social media optimization includes various medias like using RSS feeds, social news and bookmarking sites, as well as social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, video and blogging sites.

Which is better, Freelance web designer or designer employed by a company?

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As you all know, now a day’s almost every transaction is happening through internet, and its scope is increasing day by day. Either you are person who already own a website or one who is not getting expected leads from your existing website and thinking to redesign your website, you have to face some situations which i’m going to discuss here.

After deciding to launch a website for your business purpose, the first thought comes to your mind is about ‘how to create a website’, most probably you won’t be a professional web designer to design your own website.

Advantages of having simple designs and learn how to achieve it.

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Simplicity in website design can not be equated with a minimalist design aesthetic. A simple sites just remove all unnecessary elements from its design, content, and code. While a minimalist sites generally fit all these criteria together, there are plenty of websites that would not be, by any stretch of the imagination, but considered as “minimalist” because it still fit the definition of simple.

Single-Page Websites becoming popular: Examples and Good Practices

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Nowadays single-page websites are becoming more popular among web designers, both for their own projects and for client sites. There are a lot examples in which a single-page site makes a lot of sense.In such websites there may not be bulk content, may not be the contents are closely related but sometimes a particular stylistic element may works better on that single page website.

Factors of a Clean Web Design

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Clean and simple web designs becoming a trend now a days. This write up will cover the subject through a two-part discussion. First, we will talk about a few features that clean designs tend to have in common. Secondly, I will share some tricks and techniques that helps you to achieve a clean design.

Logo Design: Some tips and tricks

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Knowing your client and their needs is very important for designing a memorable logo that communicates effectively. Designing a logo is a complex task that involves brainstorming and rough sketching. For this drawing skills are not so important, but the primary goal is to sketch out all of the ideas that come to mind; nothing is off limits.

Logos should be built from type alone and send straightforward messages. The Procter & Gamble logo has had a controversial history; therefore, then the company developed a new logo that is compromised of type only.

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Here i would like to post some my new ideas,techniques and some useful and latest informations which i comes through..hope my posts will be useful for you guys...