Animated Videos: To Explain Your Message Clearly

By 2021, 81% of traffic would be driven by video content. Majority of marketers are now inclining towards video content to recite their story and clearly tell their brand message across the target audience. Animated explainer videos are one of the most engaging ways to present the story of your products, services, or brand as a whole to your audience. The web experts at Hellopixels hold expertise in analyzing your idea of the video content and creating an animated video that surpasses your expectations. We also understand your target audience and keep their best interest in mind to ensure they can easily understand your message through the explainer videos.

Types Of Explainer Videos We Create

01Animated Videos

With custom graphics and animation, animated videos are reigning the video marketing game today. Brands can display their products, explain its working, or educate the audience about something using these videos.

02Interactive Videos

Narrating your product/service story was never this interactive. These videos have embedded CTAs that encourage the viewers to take some action like purchasing product, filling their details, etc.

03Screen Recorded Videos

When trying to explain the working of an application, website or other things that work on the computer screen or a mobile screen, a screen recorded animated video is the best bet. It explains everything like the features, how-to, etc.