Web Hosting Services Abu Dhabi

Web hosting is what makes your website available on the internet. You can rent some space on our servers where you can upload your website files and images via FTP. Servers are basically just big computers. Also, we would be happy to help you with the initial transferring of your site. When the transfer is complete, your website will be live on the internet so that anyone who goes to your domain name will be able to see it.

It is important to allow room for growth when choosing your web hosting services provider. As your site becomes more popular, your requirements for space and traffic will increase. Save yourself a lot of future work by choosing a decent web hosting provider straight from day one. Pentagon Solutions can provide you with the best web hosting service. We will be your reliable partner in web hosting Abu Dhabi, and all over UAE.

This is probably the most critical factor to consider when looking at the various web hosting Abu Dhabi services provider. Make sure that you choose one that has a good response time and treats you as a valued customer. A reliable support network can mean a lot less hassle in future should you ever notice your site having connection problems or becoming unreachable.

Web designer dubai as the best web hosting company in Abu Dhabi focuses on maintaining reliability, performance, and integrity of our service. We have more than 20 years of experience in web hosting services over Abu Dhabi, Dubai and all over UAE. You can ensure our service 24*7 with friendly client support, just a ring away. We don’t have any hidden charges. We use the latest technology in hosting plans. Moreover, fully satisfied customers are our inspiration. If you wish to migrate your existing website, we are at your service. Within less time you can ensure the best web hosting service from our side.


An Ideal Choice For Small Businesses

To have a strong footing in the online world, your business will be needing a website, and therefore web hosting. web designer dubai can provide you with a shared hosting plan that enables your company to enjoy all the upsides of having a strong online presence.

Advantages Of Shared Web Hosting

As a cost saving alternative to other hosting services, shared web hosting offers great value for money. It gives you everything you need and nothing you don’t. This solution will get your business site up and running while giving you plenty of space to try out the online environment.
At web designer dubai we understand small business budgeting barriers. Therefore we can work within these to offer you great hosting at an affordable price. The best part is, our shared hosting packages are all excellent options, meaning you’re still choosing high quality web hosting , just without the price tag.

What We Can Offer You

The amazing shared web hosting packages on offer at Pentagon all include full setup customization to ensure your package precisely suits your online needs. Our outstanding shared hosting server facilities include:

  • 99.99% UPTIME

Choosing us as your web hosts means you will have a hassle-free experience keeping your website online. Each of our client’s site’s is treated with absolute care. We believe that premium quality web hosting is a major element in online business success.

An Excellent Choice For Any Business

There are many companies that face unnecessary problems every day because they skimped on hosting plans which don’t allow enough capacity for correct email functionality and traffic flow.
Therefore it is crucial to understand the point at which a small business with simple web hosting needs to upgrade its plan to provide room for growth. Hence a useful upgrade is the switch to cloud hosting, which is sometimes a good idea right from the get go as it will provide you with a great start to your online business. Cloud hosting is the ability to use one program on multiple computers simultaneously via the internet. Hence it includes network founded facilities on high-class off-site hardware which is used to run software on more than one device. Hence this gives your business the potential to grow or scale back without hurting viewer experiences. Cloud based hosting provides faster runtime and a better experience for your staff and other users which often correlates to lower overall costs.

Why Cloud Hosting Is A Great Choice For Business

There are many companies that face unnecessary problems every day because they skimped on hosting plans which don’t allow enough capacity for correct email functionality and traffic flow.
The key upsides to hosting on the Cloud include:

  • The flexibility to adapt your hosting requirements to suit your stage of growth
  • Effectively paying for server space on an as needed as used basis
  • Easy access user interface control system
  • Expert email and phone support
  • The appearance of expensive dedicated hosting to end users, without the price tag!
  • A trouble-free business experience from superior technology
  • No system downtime

Cloud hosting is the clearest option for businesses who want powerful technology without breaking budget to obtain it.

What We Can Offer You

Our range of cloud based web hosting includes:

  • Impressive resources and high class security
  • A user friendly control panel
  • Cloud servers
  • Personal and private cloud management
  • Ample storage space
  • An automatic backup
  • The right international or local base to meet your requirements
  • And much more. Hence Just ask us about your options.

Our experts in cloud hosting can tailor a cloud solution to suit your specific needs. Hence We take pride in providing clients with the best custom fit cloud web hosting service on the market

Dedicated Server Hosting To Augment Your Business

Web designer dubai understands the importance of your staff and customers enjoying smooth access to your online products and services, that’s why we provide premium web hosting infrastructure to strengthen your business.

When To Choose Dedicated Hosting

One key element to consider when deciding on your hosting plan is the volume of traffic coming through to your website every day. If your website gets over 3,000 viewers a day then it’s best for you to get dedicated hosting. Regular web hosting providers for websites are not able to efficiently cope with such high volumes of traffic. This means a poor viewer experience and as a result, less conversions/money for your business.
There are a variety of ways to use dedicated server hosting in addition to website hosting. It all depends on what online infrastructure your business needs. By opting for dedicated server hosting you are expanding your online abilities while bypassing all the costs associated with the buying, complex running, and maintaining of your own server.

What We Can Offer You

Our dedicated server packages include fulltime network availability and amazingly low down time in addition to specialised engineering configurations for complex architectures. Our team of systems administrators and advanced server support experts will always be on hand to ensure smooth sailing for you as your business grows. So let us do all the hard work and provide you with:

  • An extraordinary performance boost
  • Improved online security including professional firewall and monitoring
  • Dedicated hardware with automatic backups
  • Expert friendly support on hand
  • Security patches and online app management
  • And much more. Just ask us about your options with dedicated server hosting.

Vps Hosting Perfect For Medium-Sized Businesses

The most beneficial hosting setup for medium sized businesses is often Virtual Private Server Hosting (VPS) because it provides a perfect middle rung between simple webhosting which would be too small for many companies and more expensive hosting options targeted at very large companies. web designer dubai can help make the transition process incredibly easy for you as our VPS hosting is run from high end virtualization software and hardware.

Why You Should Choose Virtual Private Server Hosting

VPS hosting is a great alternative to regular hosting for websites that receive a lot of traffic. Therefore this solution enables you to achieve your online goals in a financially feasible manner.
Having your own virtual private server for hosting includes many benefits. As the entire virtual server will belong to you, along with its copious amounts of storage space and power, the setup can be radically customised to suit your particular needs. Hence VPS are also a great option for improved online security.
The extra power and RAM available with your VPS gives you a competitive advantage in the market place. Therefore faster server response times means more rapid loading of your users views. This amazing step up for your business is readily available with instant activation and fast set up times. In addition, our customer support team will stay with you throughout your journey with our web hosting.

What We Can Offer You

Our vps web hosting includes:

  • Rapid and secure system change overs
  • Excellent support
  • An all hours on call technical team
  • Automatic backups
  • Full security measures
  • Professional server management
  • No downtime, even during upgrades
  • SSD caches, pure SSD and Hybrid VPSs
  • And much more. Just ask us about our VPS web hosting options.

To give a professional impression to both your employees and prospective customers it is vital to have enough web hosting capacity. Furthermore, VPS can provide your business with an optimal online environment. As a result this will help to enable your business to function well and continue on to financial success.